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Why Dentistry?

Dr. Wertke grew up in the dentist’s office, no really, he did! His dad was a dentist and worked in a family practice all his life. That’s where he saw how rewarding the work was and the meaningful relationships built over time. Getting to know families and seeing them hit exciting milestones in life was something he knew he wanted to be a part of. It was an easy decision to continue the family legacy and become part of such an impactful part of someone’s health and wellbeing.

Your Smile Studio

The name should give you an idea of what our practice is all about. We are here for your smile! Our space is dedicated to transforming smiles and keeping our patients healthy. We feature a photography area in our office so you can record the progression of your dental health and the look of your smile. Our office features technologies to supplement and enhance your patient experience, after all, it’s our aim to make you smile!

Function & Form

While a beautiful smile is great, it’s also crucial for your teeth and gums to function properly and last. We are invested in providing top-notch cosmetic and general dentistry services. Your smile shines brighter when you know it functions in a healthy way too! We prioritize patient education so you feel empowered to maintain your teeth and gum health from home and in our office. Consider us your co-pilots in oral wellness.

Choose Your Smile Studio

Our patients make our office, and we welcome new members to our smile community all the time. We don’t want going to the dentist to be just another appointment clogging up your calendar. We provide an experience that is both empowering and rejuvenating. The best part of our day is hearing a new patient sigh with relief because they felt heard and were able to find comfort in our chair! Come to the studio and you’ll see what the buzz is all about!

We Are Your Smile Studio

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